Make your custom software tools and environments for today's users with mobile programming solutions. Whether it be a website, cloud application, or client application you can now leverage the "on-the-go" user and employee. Allow your users to securely access company data while on the road or on a partner site. Mobilize your remote teams with your tablet. Join international conferences from any hotspot.

Or create an app to sell on the app market. If you have a great idea for an app, Indea Design Systems can implement your dream for a low fixed cost, allowing you to market and sell your app with complete control over the functions, licensing and distribution.

Features :

  • Multi-Platform Expertise
  • We can create your app on Android, iOS, Nokia X, BlackBerry and many other platforms.

  • Application Networking
  • Indea Design Systems can implement 3rd Party APIs to your mobile app so that you can leverage the power of DropBox, MS Exchange, and many other tools.

  • Use the Mobile Power
  • Integrate the native mobile tools such as Bluetooth, Camera, Wi-Fi, GeoLocations...etc. into your application. Indea Design Systems can help design your tools to optimize efficiency, leverage technology and make your solutions a winner.