Indea Design Systems Solutions has a global presence with the insight, support and expertise of the best-in-class Engineers, who have work experience in various Engineering disciplines as well as multiple international venues. Our Managers and Executives have experience in designing and managing engineering projects for the largest companies in the world. They oversee the business operations to serve, as well as protect, long-term interests and are committed to ensure the highest standards pertaining to corporate governance.

Indea Design Systems is a cutting edge development company that embraces new solutions for globalized business strategies. Using cloud based architectures, companies get things done quicker and more efficiently. Users, Managers and Customers all benefit from online tools and collaborations. Indea Design Systems utilizes the best practices of security and cloud applications development. Whether it is a PHP, Ruby, ASP.NET or Java project; Indea Design Systems gets the best and brightest to manage your critical requirements. Indea Design Systems partners with the biggest and most reliable names in the industry, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google App Engine, IBM Smart Cloud, Cloud Bees...etc. to keep your application running strong, secure and scalable.

Indea Design Systems utilizes the best and the brightest engineers to deliver world class solutions for its partners.

Idea in InDEA :

It involves a technology company that has expertise in multiple aspects of Engineering and provide End-to-End solutions as well as support to companies, who may not currently have or want to grow a core competency in those disciplines. This provides a cost effective and professional solution that adds value as well as flexibility.

Ensuring fairness for all of the associated partners and stakeholders along with enhancing/retaining an investors trust.

Advantages :

  • Customer-Centric Engagement Model

  • Full Services Portfolio
  • Outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve
  • Indea Design Systems is located in the heart of Mangalore City, India.